Sista Afia hasn’t been having it all cool after she dropped her latest track which has sparked controversy.

The Ghanaian singer titled the song “WMT” a common abbreviation for a popular vulgar insult in the Twi language. The song released after Sista Afia went on a social media rant about some negative energy in the music industry, saw her also using a word such “sia ba” to jab unnamed people she was addressing.

Immediately after the song’s releases, fans have pointed out lyrics that she suggested she was dissing Sister Derby and Wendy Shay. A perception which she now disagrees with, therefore, has come out to clear the air by revealing that her song title “WMT” is to mean “Women Must Talk”.

People say Sista Afia always poking her nose in people’s beef, how? Let me tell you guys I am not scared. WMT is not wo maame tw* … for controversial reasons I said “wo maame” at the end of the song but the actual thing I mean is Women Must Talk,” Sista Afia reveal during an Instagram live session.

Watch the video below as she speaks into detail over the controversies the song has sparked.

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