Dancehall musician, Samini, who is currently spending time with his family abroad due to the Coronavirus, says he has never received a penny from Music Royalties Collection Society for his ‘Linda’ hit song.

According to him, he has signed up with some international music royalties’ collection societies who take charge of his songs outside the country and it is very lucrative. Samini made this revelation to boost up his campaign for Ghanaian musicians to unite and set up digital systems that will check and log music easily for royalties’ collection. Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the Obaa hitmaker said:

I understand that those who came and left did not see the importance of having laws to back their creative arts. I have realised that is why they are suffering today and people like us had to suffer some way.

When I did ‘Linda’ till today, Ghana hasn’t given me any royalty but lucky for me and some others, we saw the vision and signed with some international collection societies and for the past 12 years I’ve received some cheques from them, it means it works.

Can we now identify what we need and put it in policy and supply to the office to discuss the forward? If there is no law, all of these demo will happen in vain. I think we should act today. And find the right office to enter that needs to be addressed, he told Andy Dosty.

Watch the video below;

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