Fella Makafui has finally released her Over song. The song is a jab to Sister Derby, Medikal’s former girlfriend. Many people have reacted to it with most of them disliking the song. They say it does not make sense with one person begging Fella Makafui to delete it.

Fella Makafui has released her first single titled Over and the whole of Ghana has reacted. The song is an indirect jab to her ‘rival’ Deborah Vanessa after she referred to Medikal as “sweet ex”. With the song, Fella seeks to tell Deborah Vanessa that her relationship with Medikal is over and over for good, therefore, she should move on.

Listen to the track below;

Many people have reacted to the song including other musicians. The many fans who reacted were divided with some praising Fella while others criticized her. Wendy Shay, for instance, commented with dancing emojis indicating how she was jamming to the song indirectly:

Check out the  fans reaction below;

wendyshayofficial: “Eni3 OVER” 

s3fa_gh: “At this point we don’t know what to do to you again nukajor?.” 

But Cutie and Ellen were not happy that Wendy Shay would support Fella Makafui in her fight with Sister Derby: Cuttie wrote in the Akan language that Wendy Shay and Fella were misbehaving too much:

cuttie_raphy: “@wendyshayofficial Hw33 nie onoso wokyere woho ,mo y3 bi oooo boi.” 

bertha_babs: “@fellamakafui childish.” 

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